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We Have Entered the Last Days

In The Last Days

What is upon us now is terrorism, wars, nuclear threats, religious intolerance, and celebrity worship which robs many of common sense. People are turning from religion because they are no longer connected to it as they once were. And the fall away was forecast.

The Real God is Standing Up

And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity, and out of darkness." Isaiah 29:18

Religion is anti-god and it robs the gullible who are like sheep. They follow the leader and are brainwashed from birth into believing in false gods and prophets. Followers of religion do not know the real God and are worshiping fake images that cannot save them.

Their religions are born of the two beasts of Revelation

The deadly World of 666

Much of human behaviour appears to be anti-god when examined in the light of prophecy.

What do you think? Are you a destroyer? Do you believe that man has the right to destroy, change or manipulate nature? Perhaps you are spiritual, in which case you will benefit greatly from this site.

The effects of global warming are seen in disasters like Hurricane Katrina; Tsunamis (increasing in number and power); earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that claim thousands of lives; and ever increasing violent winds; storms; and environmental catastrophies; not anticipated long enough beforehand to avoid the damage.

It does not take a genius to know that such events are not healthy and that God's hand is behind it as they are striking mostly religious communities.

Is man destroying himself for the sake of power, money and greed?

Who can forget the stunned look on the faces of people when the Tsunami hit regions of the Indian Ocean and killed more than 250,000, or of the people of Southern USA states who one day had it all and the next had nothing.

Earthqauke at Haiti

Do you know how many people are executed by government regimes who exercise rigid control over the population of their countries.

A report on SBS, Australian television station,(Dateline 4.10.05) featured an interview with a Chinese dissident who once controlled one of the dreaded labour camps in China. While in that position he claims to have witnessed the murder of 25,000,000 (that's million) people, locked up without charge, living in appalling conditions, mostly starved and unclad, on the whim of their government. He is currently seeking asylum in Canada which has refused his request because of his link to this terrorism.

China is a rising Super Power in possession of nuclear weapons. Its regime could be in the position to do the same world wide if it gets half the chance. Is that the future we are heading towards? Perhaps not because I don't think we have the time left for it to rise to such status.

The question is who benefits from such power?

But there are more pressing questions concerning what humans believe and why they adopt rumours and make-believe as truth?

The Spirit speaks out through its people, and I happen to be one who received an enormous volume of knowledge from that source. That is why I can scream from this mountain top that man set himself up for death and failure from the beginning. He put in place things to make him a god but he is now about to fall. Read on and then decide if I am right.


The evidence supporting it is from: the bible; behaviour; events; historical records; archaeology; anthropology; ethnography, linguistics; symbols; icons; diaries; and the authors memory of reincarnation, observations, research and Spirit knowledge

This work was 20 years in the making. It is probably the most important material you will ever read.

This is the first time anyone has answered questions on spirituality, the afterlife and the nature of God with such clarity and insight.