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Its Frightening Stuff


There is no heaven or hell, devil, angels or saints and I speak from experience.

Reincarnatin with full memory does not make me unique. Many who know who they are have such reminders. Many report out of body experiences that proves the ability to go from one body to the next. The Old Testament prophecies preach reincarnation, as in the case of Elijah and the House of Israel (not Judah), who are to receive the inheritance at the end because they were there at the beginning.

These things are ignored by those who favour the New Testament and the return of a god that is nothing more than a rumour.

THE DEAD in spirit go nowhere because they are without the means. They seek power in profit and security from man made things. They measure their worth in the physical sense and impoverish others by the examples they set. They may be rich in monetary terms but they are poor, in fact broke, in spiritual worth.

The spiritual have peace and security within and do not generally seek wealth or other things from the world. Prophecy describes the former as the soil in which the spiritual people grow. The hardships and conditions that 'bullies' and 'aggression' inflict on them drives them to seek deeper into themselves for answers. That's when and how they strengthen in spirit.

God laid it out and proves that God is Spirit, not a man.

Following my reincarnation and visions and a promise that age 45 would be special I entered this life with another language to my parents and siblings, an IQ above the norm, and memory of a job to fulfill. At that time several commissions were given to me with enormous supernatural power, that had struck me to the floor or pinned me to a bed, and with visions.

The year was 1984 when I saw my face on a screen, just like this one.

The psychic phenomenom of visions, instructions, and visitations showed me the error of man's ways in fine detail. Over many months I was taken to the origin of language and religion to find out the plan of God which has been in operation from the beginning. Everything was verified through a degree in archaeology, anthropology and linguistics.

Only the Great Spirit that created and planned it could know the outcome of events and what will happen at the end. It was passed on in the messages recorded by genuine prophets who foretold of the woman at the end who will unravel the great mysteries and preach from the highest mountain.

It does not need a genius to understand this prediction.

It explains why religious leaders refuse to acknowledge women because one woman is destined to bring it undone.

If I am mad or mislead why does my work line up with prophecy? Why did I reincarnate? Have memory and knowledge beyond normal? Why the visions and instructions that taught me the identity of the beast, 666, when it was not known before.

If you don't believe it then quit now as this too was forecast.

The prophecy states that "in the last days the mountain of God will be established in the top of the mountains" and that God will "give them up" until "SHE which travails has brought forth.

From birth I have been prepared for this work.

The Internet provided the mountain and God intends to redeem ITS people, Israel, the Spiritual Children of God and descendants of Joseph, not Judah.

Think about WHERE YOU SIT IN GOD'S EYES? Do you believe the rubbish of religion or what you see and understand for yourself? Have you puzzled over the stories in the Old Testament and were unable to make head or tale of them? You are not alone and most people prefer the New Testament, because it is easy to understand. It does not matter to them that it does not make sense and that skillful designers made it that way.

The first chapter of Genesis is based on a myth that states God created man in His image. It should read men created God in their image to be more accurate because man's god is imagination and rumours.

Enter the first beast who set up a path with such force and power that his work is so much a part of life that many cannot see the tricks behind what he did. He made himself immortal and created the first Son of God as his perfected image.

He is called a 'beast' because he preys on the gullible and passed on his killing machine to his successors. He invented the perpetual smoking mirror so that others follow in his footsteps. Its his constant source of power and control and he set man on his destructive way by calling himself Father God, which stuck for all time.

Nothing stated contravenes irrefutable evidence from history, archaeology, anthroplogy, ethnography, linguistics, the bible and private and public records and elsewhere, plus my memory of reincarnation and the visions and prophecies given to me.

It took over 20 years to piece the puzzle together and they fit perfectly. The facts are datailed in the e-book available from this site. This document concerns all who are searching for TRUTH and if my knowledge is not from the Spirit then how come I know the answers when no one else ever has.

This Internet site is a mountain, higher than any other, and it was prophesied.

In the last days the mountain of the House of God shall be established in the top of the mountains . . . and people shall flow unto it. Micah 4:1

The identity of 666 has puzzled the best brains for c2,000 years and for good reason - cover up and innuendo. Now the veil is lifted and you might be angry at the simplicity of the story that unfolds right here. Prophecy states that the 'mind of wisdom will expose him at the end of the day.

Men invented religions through which they achieve power and convince one another that God is on their side.

Religion is the power of man's elevation above all other living creatures.

It degrades women, allows destruction of forests and, therefore, the production of oxygen and rain.

Men turn land into deserts, pollute rivers and are driving all species of animals and plants to extinction - and we will follow. They appear oblivious to the damage they do, nor do they learn by it.

Men invented money for power. With it they live like gods, act like gods and influence others to do likewise. But the rich are poor and naked in the Spirit's eyes.

None calls for justice, nor any pleads for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity.

They hatch cockatrice eggs, and weave the spider's web: he that eats of their eggs dies, and that which is crushed breaks out into a viper. Isaiah 59:4,5

The spider's web is a trap or hook that catches prey. It is drugs, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, commerce, industry, movies, entertainment, and even the Internet. People pay handsomely for a 'high', a rush of adrenalin, These things are cheap substitues for the spoiritual power they seek and they hide the Spirit within making them deaf and blind to reality.

The two beasts of revelation stole the Spirit and had no idea that people 'connected' to it are defiant of religion.


Human Rights are nullified when man made laws increase poverty, destroy the environment, control nature, promote greed, and raise some humans to be superior to others.

Human Rights are diminished when women are cast aside, their voices silenced, their knowledge dismissed, and their skills of nature/nurture are walked over.

My research traced religion to its roots and the origin of language whose trigger was the Sun god and whose code is philosophy.

Every spoken word records the past and rituals performed for the Sun god.

This is the first time anyone has answered questions on spirituality, the afterlife and the nature of God with such clarity and insight.