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The Terror to Come.

The Mountain of God

Its Frightening Stuff

Who has not heard that the world will end by fire? Who does not know that it is already burning and all life with it.

Whose Responsible

You must read this page and then decide whether we have reached that point of no return. Can you stir from your comfort zone long enough to cast an eye over what is really happening and what is in store for us?

The Living Oceans are Dying

As forests are felled and trees deliberately destroyed the pressure on the environment is such that natural wilderness areas blaze away while water to extinguish them dries up.

Seas are rising as the ice of Antartica and the Arctic melts.

Can we save Planet Earth

As the planet warms and the landscape is changed by man there can be no recovery because more people ignore the signs than those who note them

Overpopulation and the behaviour of groups and individuals are to blame

Money rules the world and violence, wars, terrorism, destruction of life and human despair follows in its wake. The rough ride to come will increase the suicide numbers, addictions to drugs, and murder in increasing numbers. Massacres that have already occurred are just the start.

Their Food is Cooked with Human Excreta

Whatever your thoughts on the subject you should know the facts.

Oxygen levels have plummeted to just 14%, down from 40% 30 years ago, rain normally produced by jungles, such as the Amazon and what once existed in Asia, is not being generated on the scale it once was. Thousands of species of animals and plants are disappearing.

Water is drying up and mining companies are poisoning what is left. Land once fertile is becoming desert and agricultural land is increasingly salt affected. Crops are failing and the things on which humans depend are being lost.

Greed and stupidity is killing us

We are caught like rats in a cage. Generally in a spin trusting deceitful leaders and accepting nonsense as truth the opportunity to examine the facts is rarely available or honestly presented. Scientists are mainly self serving and produce false data for governments who reward them with money. This was so with the tobacco industry and then with climate change facts as interested parties hid the facts.

Big organisations cover up their exploitation of the environment while growing super rich from their actions.

Plastic on Beaches thanks to big business

Religions have much to an answer for. They are dependent on those dependent on them for spiritual input while they indoctrinate with their misguided man made dogmas. They stop the practice of safe sex and family planning and they are responsible for so much of what is coming, yet people continue to believe in them.

Emperor Constantine and the Catholic Religion he Founded

The extent of confusion in the world is largely hidden by the noise from those who control. The thing largely ignored is the force within us to know better and to act.

Our power is removed by governments and 'big men' who support them. Companies, therefore, are free to destroy the life forms on which we depend and most of us help them do it. The balance continues to act in their favour.

CEO's receive astronomical amounts in salaries as millions, unable to even get a job, starve or struggle on in poverty. Their wealth pushes the price of everything up and beyond the reach of the majority.

This is not the first time you have heard these things. Do you tune out believing you will not be affected? Do you think it is other people's problems and not yours? Do you think you are too small and the problem so large that you cannot make a difference. Well, in the latter case you would be correct.

No one can make a difference to what God has planned for us.

Why are We Here?

The scenario is frightening. What's more it was never going to be any different. A great planner laid out creation and the earth is but a small part of it. Religious lies and evil doctrines affects nothing more than the wind does on an established landscape.

The day of God's Vengence

Every country is affected as life on earth faces extinction.

Increased winds, cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes, loss of habitat, desertification, and the inevitable famine following in its wake means disaster. That is to say nothing of changes to lifestyle and the poverty that a major depression, worse than that of the 1930's, will soon bring upon us.

It is already happening to millions in third world countries. The deserts in Northern Africa, for example, are inundated with tent cities or rearranged bits of junk used to house the displaced millions who have left countries, lands, villages and homes, because of drought and famine. As they sit immobilised they await their fate.

Will you care about yourselves and your families when the time comes? Its not a pretty picure! What's coming cannot be avoided.

Who is responsible for the world's demise

You will inevitably watch your children, relatives, friends and yourself die from lack of water and food as the consequences of man's actions against us come to fruition. As things worsen wars will increase and the killing of each other will create scenes so horrendous they will join our worst nightmares.

Public utilities and transport will fail. Electricity and other forms of energy will no longer be available. Roads will be choked with environmental refugees as they move from state to state, country to country, in search of life.

The Deadly Evil World of 666

During the mid 1980's I saw vision after vision of these things. Traces of that agony remain on my face as no amount of tears or pleading could erase it.

One scene showed people on hands and knees crawling through packed streets in their own vomit and excreta unable to rise. In another oceans swamped huge swathes of land, just as we have witnessed in the last couple of years.

Another showed massive earthquakes unparralled in size killing millions at a time. In yet another I saw massive buildings, giants on the landscape, implode and collapse with great loss of life. This was played out by the 9/11 attacks. But that is only the start of the end.

The End of the World in Prophecy

The visions involved famine and disease the like of which the earth has never seen. Images of desperate and dying parents feeding their children with garbage of no substance. Genetically modified food is garbage without substance.

The torture of seeing these things continued for months until unable to stand it any longer I begged the Spirit not to show any more.

The Dark Mountains

For some years the Spirit was teaching me about the lies of religion. Entering this life with full memory of reincarnation and of what it is like between lives it was no surprise when my work began. You can read about it in detail as I talk for you here

Led by the Spirit to write a book it would take more than 20 years before it was accomplished. First every question had to have an answer, the visions had to be proven, my reincarnation required credibility, and a university degree was necessary to make it happen. Then I faced the Internet, taught myself how to build websites, compile e-books, and market successfully on it.

My Reincarnation

For my pains there were threats and condemnations, isolation and very little money to work with. Often labelled the devil there was little more to be done except to persevere and do the Spirit's will.

Unless I am totally mad and given to enormous quantities of delusion and other things this work will succeed because it is laid out in the grand plan of God. It involves retribution for the evil, removal of the false gods, opening the eyes of the blind who fail to recognise that man's inventions are destroying us, and a teaching that the Great Spirit of the Universe is the one and only force to be reckoned with.

Yea, they have chosen their own ways and their soul delighteth in their abominations. I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighteth not. Isaiah 66:3,4

And we were told how we will die.

For by fire and by sword will God plead with all flesh: and the slain shall be many. Isaiah 66:16

The Spirit is in Pain

What is coming is in the information passed to us from the Great Spirit of the Universe, who knows all and planned everything. We are not in the dark but without eyes to see we ignore the overpopulation, the failure to care for nature, and our dependency on evil religious leaders to tell us right from wrong. These things are killing us.

What the Spirit has taught me and wants you to know may be your only chance of salvation. Until now you have known nothing of the real God. You have been misled, fed with lies, and the subject of a great conspiracy for power, control and money.

The Spirit said that at the end all will be revealed. Whether you accept me to fill you in is up to you, but please read everything written before you decide.

Mount Zion

Common sense tells you surely that things are out of control and there is no turning back. Man is no match for the Spirit so what have you got to loose by gaining new information and acting on it? NOTHING!!!