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A message from the Spirit

The Mountain of God - Mount Zion


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As you read this story you may feel goose-bumps or experience shaking because this message is powerful. Its about reincarnation and biblical prophesies that were distorted to empower modern religions and men.

My being did not start with my birth but my last death and memory of the afterlife, the supernatural, spiritual power and reincarnation. You can read the full story here

Spirituality and Reincarnation

With knowledge of reincarnation and spiritual power carried from previous lives it was natural that my search for answers began almost from birth. The deaf ears and blind eyes surrounded me, even in my own family where I could never have spoken of my knowledge.

Although I had a huge message to tell the voice with which to do was missing.

The day I became aware of my sex was most miserable for even at that age, probably around 4, I knew that women have no power in this man's world. And men still don't make it easy for us.

My true reincarnation story

The many visions and prophecies I was given both between lives and since are now coming true and the onus is on me to reveal all. Thanks to the Spirit I now have a voice through the Internet and books.

But the look on my mother's face when I first revealed my power of memory at age 4 taught me to shut up until the time when I could explain how and why reincarnation is a fact and that the Spirit can communicate with me. But it communicates with many who are not deafened by religious prejudice or their imagination.

Rejection of anything that interferes with someone's comfort zone is simply not welcome. But that comfort zone is usually built on false promises and dogma that borders on the ridiculous.

Religious Origins

To protect me from speaking out too soon I had a different language to my peers making it hard for others to understand me. It also protected my memory because I did not have to take on board the things that others believed. It probably made me seem rebellious and may account for my lack of popularity among many.

It protecte me, however, while leading me from a very young age to discover why people believe myths and unsubstantiated things like heaven and hell. In this age when space craft are circling the earth and have ventured into the universe for such vast distances that they can now leave earth's solar system it leaves me stunned as to why they survive.

But equally puzzling is why people still maintain that a virgin birth is possible. The argument that God can do anything shuts up most dissenters to the idea but they have not reasoned that it doesn't happen. To begin with an embryo needs genes from both parents in order to begin life.

Equally as puzzling is why they believe that the embryo represents a human life. In my experience I did not enter my body until a month before birth, a date that was recorded as it was my parents wedding day.

If only I could tell them! Why are people loath to understand the most basic principles of life>

My journey through this life has been like watching a movie of which I am only a part as I am here to do a job and a commission given to me to speak to the world.

That commission is the message from God.

My parents were aware I was different and my father often said "she has been here before."

So many children struggle with their reality against the rubbish they are forced to accept. The lies eventually kill the spiritual contact they may once have had. That is the purpose of religion. It is a test of one's spiritual strength.

The lies of religion were meant to be and the Spirit laid it out in prophecy. Those messages have been distorted, misappropriated, and even changed by religious leaders to suit their needs.

Men who structure religion are without spirit and cause much pain to their opposition as possible expecting or rather hoping that they will carry it into eternity and suffer forever. That was the purpose of hell. To paint a picture in one's mind of eternal flames lapping one's being is horrific.

It is worse than that. It is terrorism that has driven many to insanity or to commit suicide. Many others, in obedience to their religion have killed, some on a massive scale. Others have dished out punishment to loved ones, friends and others on the basis that they believe they are right and the others are of the devil..

Such men protect their religious dogma against outside knowledge and are guards of their spiritual prisons. The inmates that are forced to shre their burden are the spiritual of God who are trapped by the lies over them.

Spirit has no place of worship, no guards or men protecting mythical dogma, no creeds or prayers, no icons and no need for wealth or other things. Spirit is POWER within, to know, to heal, and for peace

Religion, on the other hand, is show. It is theatre, drama, audience, costumes, props, and 'faith'. It is repetition and literally the king with no clothes. If everyone believes something is there then it is, even though it isn't. That's the magic of religion.

Its magic extends to words that men who are supposedly the anointed servants of God say over them. We see this in ceremonies of marriage, divorce, baptisms, and so on. What good are the words of men. What do they change except that the faithful believe in their power. But they have no power only that their followers think they do and are prepared to pay them for the magic they impart.

When the Spirit delivered Its message when aged 45 I was pinned from head to toe and could not move a muscle. It spoke to me in my head with words I could never have invented as they made no sense at the time.
"Tear down the wall of churches, go out to the people and bring back the young."

It would be years before I fully understood the meaning of these words.

Eventually the extent of the wall was shown to me and I learned it was built of the imagination that hides the truth about spirituality and reincarnation. The young are the Children of God trapped by religion but who are finding their way back. As babes in the Spirit they are fed on the milk of the false god.

The wall described in the bible will fall through a stormy wind which is the Internet where messages race around the world at the speed of light.

Say unto them which daub it with untempered mortar, that it shall fall . . . Therefore thus said God; I will even rend it with a stormy wind in my fury . . . So will I break down the wall that you have daubed with untempered mortar, and bring it down to the ground, so that the foundation thereof shall be discovered, and it shall fall . . . Ezekiel 13:11-14

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