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Press Reports

The following reports address human rights issues attributable to religion, and more especially the Catholic Church. After reading them press back button to return to this site

Straight out of Africa

Aids crisis in Africa pushes Christians . . .

Catholic Church position on contraceptives

The outgoing Moderator of the Church of Scotland says the Catholic Church's position on contraception damages the fight against AIDS in Africa. Dr Alison Elliot told Scotland Today that the Vatican is being judgemental, and believes the new Pope has to act. But the Catholic Church hit back, insisting condoms do more harm than good.

Aids reshaping religious views

The relentless spread of AIDS in Africa already has forced many churches to grapple with sensitive subjects of sexuality and death among the young and put Roman Catholics at odds with officials over the Vatican’s opposition to condoms. But some pastors and scholars believe the coming decades could push churches in Africa to reorder basic theology — placing social assistance and health care ahead of traditional preaching and evangelism

Death stalks a Continent

You get up in the morning and breakfast with your three kids. One is already doomed to die in infancy. Your husband works 200 miles away, comes home twice a year and sleeps around in between. You risk your life in every act of sexual intercourse. You go to work past a house where a teenager lives alone tending young siblings without any source of income. (New York Times)

Sex Crimes cover up by Vatican

The confidential Vatican document, obtained by CBS News, lays out a church policy that calls for absolute secrecy when it comes to sexual abuse by priests - anyone who speaks out could be thrown out of the church (CBS News)

Priestly sin. Cover up

The alleged victims say the Vatican knew of the allegations against Father Marcial Maciel and chose not to pursue them. In fact, the pope has continued to praise 82-year-old Maciel, a Mexico native, as an effective leader of Catholic youth, despite detailed allegations sent to the Vatican four years ago saying the man was also a long-time pedophile. (ABC news 8 CT/April 26th,2002)

Amnesty International USA

. . . Abuse of women in custody.

The Catholic Church and the lies . . .

The solution the Conference came up with? An easy-to-read booklet preaching the fundamentals behind the church's stand on the ban on contraception, as well as other topics, including the "evils" of same-sex unions. (Becker, Binghamton University)

The lies the Catholic Church fed me

I soon found that the beliefs in the Goddess/God and practices of magick fit my style and I started studying the craft. All of this made so much sense to me and very spiritualy happy. I couldn't be sure whether there was a higher being or not so I became a agnostic Pagan, because it's impossible to know. (Laura, Ex-Christian.net)

Former fundamental preacher

In my Bible studying I slowly discovered errors, contradictions and false prophecies over several years. Now, I am free from religion. Henness 08/04/02, Ex Christian.net)