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Money is a Death Trap

The Goal of All Who Seek It

Organisations world wide want one thing from you. MONEY!! They do not want you to wake up to the facts. They ridicule and condemn those who stand up against them.

Murder for Money

Money is the goal and they don't always care how they get it.

They hypnotise with promises of jobs as they plunder the environment in a way that will lead to death of everything. They run and/or influence governments, alter the structure and nature of food, rob and steal, and lull you to sleep with myths and make believe with which they drug your brain to the point where you cannot think for yourself.

Money in Society

Drugs are everywhere and the pushers are making millions out of other people's gullibility and addictions. Ranging from tobacco, alcohol and into hard drugs; the effects are the same. People are loosing everything and many turn to crime to support their habits. This is a money cow that the governments are reluctant to stop.

Drugged into Death

The current of wealth is in addiction. Getting people hooked onto your product is creating billionaires who, in turn, are running the world through their power and the control they have achieved over societies. We might think we are well off but the lies and confusion only worsens. We are living our lies and paying the price.

Why Do People Lie

The dealers in make-believe are well known. They include celebrities sought out, admired, looked up to, worshipped and exemplified for others to follow. They are among the richest people on earth because they 'entertain' or rather put you to sleep about the reality of what is really going on. In return you pay them and then buy magazines, papers and books filled with half truths about them.

Complex Thought

Primitive man left details of his thinking in ancient sites and they show that he was concerned with one major topic - sex. Today it is still sex that drives the multitudes who lust after the deeds of their heroes in bedrooms around the world.

Few people think beyond the daily grind and their primitive instincts. Few escape the chains of mental frustration and the agony of working for a living. Few are free while the privileged bring on a world of poisonous gasses, a lack of oxygen, depleted landscapes, polluted water (what little is left), a loss of species, and the list is endless. Do you care?

Dumb and Dumber - Ask Why?

This is a good question and I wonder how many ever ponder it?

Why are only some chosen to be the channels of communication and why are people fascinated by things like Astrology, or anything else that might give them a clue about what the future holds for them?

Behind it all appears to be an inner knowledge that the Spirit passes on future knowledge through such people - and it does.

End of the World in Prophecy

Thousands of years ago the current state of things was written about while psychic predictions throughout the centuries have also been fulfilled or are still in the process.

Is there a lesson in all of this? Surely we are not here with such highly developed intelligence and communication skills for no reason. If the Spirit determined to advise us of the future than that time is known by IT and we would be wise to expect that we are part of a grand plan, that nothing happens by accident, and that we are within ourselves connected to the Spirit.

The Big Picture - Why are we here?

But does that apply to all? Hardly likely when so many among us are destroyers, thieves, murderers and greedy mongrels whose sole goal in life is to be rich.

While man destroys creation and bides by illogical and dangerous conditions of his choice it is only the Great Spirit of the Universe that can explain why? AND IT HAS through visions and prophecies given over the years to various people.

There is nothing new about the state of the world today, it was forecast and written about 2-3,000 years ago. The problem is that most of the predictions have been covered over for the sake of power and control.

Spiritual Prophecy

Written also were the signs that we should look for to understand how close we are to the end. Signs such as the extraordinary speed of communication and when destruction of unparalleled proportions are upon us. Then there may still be some time to correct the evil we live by. I did not say these things but the Spirit did in prophecy in the Old Testament.